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About Us | Lip Stick Bail Bonds - Corona, CA

Lipstick Bail Bonds is led by us, experienced former police officers Teresa and Lisa Golt. Both of us were LAPD officers for a decade before deciding to take our skills private as bail bond agents. Our experience is what makes us effective, and our passion for the job is what makes us fun!

When Good Morning America interviewed us, we said we were married to our jobs, and that shows just how serious we are about getting you freed from jail. That passion is what makes Lipstick Bail Bonds one of the biggest agencies in the state. It's what keep us by the phones in the middle of the night, ready for your phone call 24-7.

But what's passion without a little fun? Once you call us, the Golt sisters, or our agents jump onto your case with pit bull-level tenacity. We get your bond, we get you free, then we take you homeā€¦in our bright pink corporate hummer. Jail is serious, but there's no reason you can't leave it in style!

We've got offices all over California, with our newest location in Corona, and we have the right mix of professionalism, passion, and style to get you free immediately. Contact us 24-7 by phone or via our website, and let's get you out. And once you're free, we're serious about that ride in our pink hummer!